Fascinating Discoveries at Jesus Tomb!

There is some disagreement as to where the actual tomb of Jesus is located but recent findings have all but removed the doubts.  Consider the facts about the location and physical features outside and inside the tomb:

Golgotha: the place of the skull.1.  LOCATION NEAR THE PLACE OF THE CRUCIFIXIONAccording to the Scriptures, Jesus was crucified outside the walls of Jerusalem near the place called "Golgotha" or the place of the skull (John 19:17).  Golgotha can still be seen today, outside the walls of Jerusalem, just north of the Damascus Gate. 

It is interesting that God tested Abraham by commanding him to go a site that He would show Him, in order to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice.  God sent Abraham to Mt. Moriah which is now the the city of Jerusalem.  Did God describe the place of the skull so that Abraham would easily identify the place?  Many Bible scholars believe that Abraham and Isaac worshipped the Lord at the exact spot where Jesus would later be crucified.  Both Isaac and Jesus carried a heavy burden of wood to the place of sacrifice on Mt. Moriah.  Isaac carried wood for a sacrificial fire and Jesus carried the cross upon which He would be crucified.  (Genesis 22:1-6, John 19:17))

Map showing the location of Jesus' Tomb in JerusalemMap showing the top of Mt. Moriah in Jerusalem.  The highest spot of Mt. Moriah is above Golgotha, the place of the skull.Mt. Moriah is the location where Solomon would build an awesome temple unto the Lord.  But the top of the mountain also extends to the cliff that bears the image of the skull.  The highest spot on Mt. Moriah is just above Golgotha . . . a likely spot for Abraham to make his sacrifice unto the Lord and probably the spot where the Son of God would later be crucified.   Map of the modern city of Jerusalem.                                                            Map showing the top of Mt. Moriah.

The rocks were split during the crucifixion of Jesus.


2.  EARTHQUAKE:  The scriptures also record that an earthquake occurred during the crucifixion of Christ that caused the rocks to split.  (Matthew 27:51-52)  You can still see the crack in the rock between the Garden Tomb and Golgotha!  At the same time the temple veil was torn in two from the top to the bottom.  This exposed the Holy of Holies where the Ark of the Covenant had been kept until hidden by Jeremiah during the conquest of Babylon.  The same earthquake opened graves throughout Jerusalem.



3.  A NEW TOMB NEARBY:  The Bible tells us that there was a new tomb nearby into which Jesus' body was laid.  Today you can visit the Garden Tomb which is located several hundred feet away from Golgotha, the place of the skull. 

The Garden Tomb near Golgotha and the site of Jesus' curcifixion.

Close examination of the Garden Tomb reveals several fascinating features that confirm that this is, in fact, the tomb where Jesus was buried for three days and three nights.

Channel for the rock door at the Garden Tomb.



4.  SEALED BY A STONE:   Scripture makes it very clear that this tomb was sealed by a round stone.  Not all tombs were sealed in this manner.  In the picture at the right you can see the channel that would have held and stone.



Location of the iron rod that sealed Jesus' tomb.Irod rod that sealed the tomb of Jesus.

5SEALED WITH AN IRON PIN:  The tomb was sealed with an iron bar held securely into the rock by melted lead.  Samples of the iron and lead have been identified as first century metals identical to other rods inserted into rocks by the Romans.  The Bible tells us that the religious leaders asked Pilate to give them soldiers and and to seal the tomb because they knew that Jesus had declared that He would be resurrected from the dead.  (Matthew  27:62-22)  The women had no idea that they could never roll the stone away and enter the tomb when they came to anoint Jesus' body on the first day of the week.  But an angel had rolled the stone away exposing the empty tomb.  The iron pin was sheared off by the power of God so that people could look in and see that the tomb was empty!

But the location of the tomb and the iron rod that sealed the tomb is just the beginning of compelling evidence.  Even the interior features of the tomb were detailed in scripture . . .

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Fascinating discoveries reveal the actual location of Jesus tomb!  The Garden Tomb can be visited in Jerusalem, just outside the walls of the Old City and near the Damascus Gate.  Near the Garden Tomb is Golgotha, the place of the skull described in the New Testament as the place where Jesus was crucified.

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